Worship As In Heaven // Homecoming, Part 6 [Devo]

Worship As In Heaven

Homecoming, Part 6
During our sermon series titled “Homecoming,” Pastors Tim and Josh have taught us all about heaven. They have taught us why it exists, what it will be like, and how we can get there. When I was a kid, I would imagine what heaven would be like. The streets of gold, giant mansions, maybe candy for dinner. I have since moved on from that last one, but as a kid, it was enticing. Pastor Tim also spoke about how we will worship in heaven. Now, I can only fantasize about being in the presence of God, seeing Him with my own eyes, and worshiping at His feet. But obviously, we don’t have to wait until heaven to start worshiping.

There are many ways to worship Christ through music. Growing up, it was always hymns and choirs. At The Ridge, we have a much more contemporary style of worship. This past Friday, we held our Night of Worship gathering, where we spent a little over an hour worshiping Jesus through music. It was absolutely amazing to be in a room surrounded by other worshipers, all the troubles of life left outside the auditorium — no sadness, no worry, no judgment, no shame — just a focused time of praising our Creator.

Matthew 18:20 reads, “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there among them." I know I felt God’s presence that night. Specifically, the song “Worthy of My Song” really put my heart and mind in a place where I felt connected with Jesus. Halfway through the song, we arrive at the bridge, where the music quiets and the band fades to just chords. The bridge is played three times, each time with different lyrics, each time building up to a powerful and dynamic chorus. It’s the lyrics of the first bridge that get me every time I hear it. It says:

When I sat by that hospital bed
You were worthy
When she could barely lift her head
You were worthy
And after all those tears were shed
You were worthy
I'll never stop singing Your praise
I’ll never stop singing Your praise

Every time I hear those words, I think about moments in my life where grief was taking over. It reminds me that, even during times of great sadness, God deserves my praise.

God gave us the language of music to feel and express emotions for which we are otherwise unable.

I believe God gave us the language of music to feel and express emotions for which we are otherwise unable. We are blessed at The Ridge to have the opportunities to worship like we do, whether on Sunday mornings, Night of Worship or a summer concert.

Think about how you experience those times of worship. Consider your mindset during those times, and ask Jesus to help prepare your heart to fully experience His love and comfort. Let it overwhelm you. Raise an arm. Raise both of your arms! Allow yourself to let go and just be in the presence of our amazing God!
Author: Jason Baily, Production Assistant/Lighting Director
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