Grow with God.
Grow with others.

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Love God, love others… they’re the two most important things Jesus commands us to do. But what does it look like to love a neighbor? What if loving our neighbor involves knowing, serving and loving our actual neighbors… the people who live right outside our door.

Join us for a two-week series called The Art of Neighboring, where Pastor Josh Rhodes digs deeper into the concept of ‘neighboring’ and explores practical ways to live out Jesus’ commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. 

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At The Ridge, we believe baptism is a public celebration of moving from death to life through faith in Jesus Christ! It’s one of the most powerful ways we can carry the name of Jesus to the world. And it's an important step of obedience, as we go public with our faith and follow the example of Jesus through baptism.
A monthly plan to equip & encourage you to pray.
Let our team pray for you throughout the week.
Life is challenging—don't go through it alone.

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