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One of the most significant phrases found in the Bible is “in Christ.” This phrase appears in various forms over 150 times in the New Testament. For the Christian, because we are “in Christ,” we share many of the blessings and attributes of Christ himself. 

Join us this week as we begin a new series titled, "Who Am I? " Together we will explore from the book of Romans what the Apostle Paul said was true about us because of our connection with Christ.

|| Enough ||

The cultural and circumstantial intensity around us often causes us to wonder… Am I enough? Do I have enough? Is God enough? Come and explore how we can experience true freedom and joy, even in the face of the stress and intensity of our times.

A one-day gathering of women is happening at The Ridge on February 4, 2023 and we can't wait! We are hosting Dr. Tammy Smith and helping to answer the question, "Am I enough?"  Our day will include collective worship, teaching, and a community of women seeking Jesus. Plan to join us with your friends on Saturday, Feb. 4!

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At Chestnut Ridge Church everyone is welcome.  We create space for you to ask questions, engage in life-giving community, discover your gifts, and worship Jesus. Learn more about who we are as a church by clicking Learn More.
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