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One of the lessons we learn from the Easter story is that you can do everything right and still end up on a cross. Though Jesus never wronged anyone, he faced opposition from all those he came to save.  Consider the religious and civic leaders who indicted him, the crowd that yelled, “crucify him,” the disciples who abandoned him, and even the criminals who hung beside him, hurling insults.  Yet Jesus responded with remarkable love, patience, and forgiveness. What lessons can we learn from his example? 

Join us as we look at how Jesus handled the most difficult week of his life in the series, "The Plot."

Easter // 4/9/23

One of the lessons we learn from the Easter story is that you can't have a resurrection without first having a death. Although no one enjoys the prospect of death, sometimes only through death can new life emerge.

Join us this Easter for "Beauty from Ashes," as we explore the answers to two important questions: how might Jesus's death and resurrection breathe new life into our lives and, in what areas might we need to die to experience a resurrection?
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