Middle + High School //

The middle and high school years are filled with growth, change, and excitement for students. Students are challenged to think about what they believe, as they take their next steps toward a faith of their own. They become a part of something bigger than themselves by doing life together with each other and their leaders.

Sundays // 9 + 11a

On Sundays, middle and high schoolers will begin service in the auditorium and will be dismissed shortly after worship in the main service. When they leave the auditorium, they will check into Ridge Students and head to their respective rooms where each group will do something fun together—a game or an ice-breaker—and then have a version of the same message from the main service that is more specifically geared for them.

Ridge Students // Events

Who | All students in 6th grade–12th grade
What | Varying types of BIG fun events
When | First Tuesday of the month from 7pm–8:30pm
Where | The Ridge
Drop-off + Pick-up | Parents can drop-off and pick-up kids at Entrance C.

Students need a lot of fun and a lot of Jesus—and we are happy to oblige. To kick off the month, we are going all out! And we want everyone to be there. Stay in touch for details of each event and what crazy fun thing we are going to do next.

Middle School Groups // High School Groups

Who | Middle school groups (6-8th grade)  ||  High school groups (9-12th grade)
What | Fun, friends, leaders, games, groups, and Bible study
When | 2nd–4th Tuesdays of the month from 7pm–8:30pm
Where |  The Ridge
Drop-off + Pick-up | The Ridge

All middle school and high school students are invited to a fun night of being together and hearing God's word on three Tuesday evenings a month! These small weekly gatherings are a place where kids can connect with other students, have a blast, and grow in their faith.
Andrew Archer
Ridge Students Director
Ian Young
Middle School Director
Brittany Luzier
High School Director


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