Go Deeper 

In All Things - Part 2 [Devo]
November 24th, 2021
Going Deeper | In All Things – Part 2Hands and Feet—I went to school to teach biology. I love learning about the intricacies of the world around us and the amazing detail that the Lord has put into all living things. It is through this lens that I often try to make sense of events in my life. At the moment, I’m learning a lot about how our bodies react to grief and stress. I often find myself dist...
In All Things - Part 1 [Devo]
November 17th, 2021
Going Deeper | In All Things – Part 1In All Things—I am in my office at home, watching the snowflakes, and listening to the sound of construction in the other half of our home. For the past two months, we have been in the midst of unplanned construction due to finding mold in the house. This has not been a particularly fun, peaceful time for my mom and me. I am surviving by saying, “It will be won...
Finding Joy... - Part 6 [Devo]
November 10th, 2021
Going Deeper  | Finding Joy in Uncertain Times - Part 6Christ the Solid Rock—When I was a kid, I was not a fan of roller coasters. The ups, the downs, the loops, the whole deal. I didn’t experience any joy from them. My emotional state was jerked with each twist and turn. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned, the secret to enjoying roller coasters is in knowing how safe they truly are.We all...
Finding Joy... - Part 5 [Devo]
November 3rd, 2021
Hello worry, my old friend. We are well-acquainted, you and I. I treat worry like a guilty pleasure, one that I know isn’t good for me, but that I turn to again and again. In quiet moments when I am trying to rest or focus on a task, worry creeps in and can consume me until it is all that I can do. I recently read a poem that resonated with me in this regard. It read:“Worry is a futile thingIt's l...
Finding Joy... - Part 4 [Devo]
November 3rd, 2021
Go DeeperThe verb “be”—There are days that bring back memories of people that have an enormous impact on our lives. My dad would be celebrating his 88th birthday on the 27th of this month. He and my mom were wonderful parents who shared the love of Jesus with me and my siblings. It was a blessing to grow up with godly parents.My dad was an English teacher. He loved grammar and was an excellent wri...