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Unusual God - Part 2 [Devo]
January 19th, 2022
Going Deeper | Unusual God - Part 2: Forgiveness—This past Sunday, Pastor Tim continued our series Unusual God by talking about God’s forgiveness. He shared how we, as humans, are in desperate need of God’s forgiveness because of our sinful nature. God’s solution to the problem of our sinfulness was sending His one and only Son, Jesus, to Earth so that He could live the sinless life that we couldn...
Unusual God - Part 1 [Devo]
January 12th, 2022
Going Deeper | Unusual God - Part 1Selfish Chelle-fish—My family has always called me Chelle. I adore this nickname, especially when it comes from a tiny niece or nephew. My love of swimming and the ocean, studying its vast array of life and colorful shells, could perhaps be used to consider myself a “Chelle-fish.” I was telling my kids this joke, and my oldest surprised me by saying, “Mommy, if y...
Better [Devo]
January 8th, 2022
Going Deeper | BetterTo Be, Just Be“Here’s the bottom line. The Christian life, the church, our faith are not about us, they’re about Him – His plan, His kingdom, His glory.” - Paul TrippThis is the first line of the new devotional I began on Jan 1, 2022. It knocked me for a loop. I had just been reflecting on this past year and realized that I had been motivated by what I needed to do for God an...
Christmas with The Ridge [Devo]
December 29th, 2021
Going Deeper | Christmas with The Ridge: Be Still —“Be still, and know that I am God.” - Psalm 46:10 The Holiday season can be wonderful. However, it is often full, typically in the exhausting sense of the word. It is a season where, in many cases, our load surpasses our limits. I know that has been true for me most years… including this one. At a time when there seems to be so much to do and not ...
The Angels Sing - Part 4 [Devo]
December 23rd, 2021
Going Deeper with the Message | The Angels Sing – Part 4 | Gloria!—I grew up in a church that put on a children’s Christmas pageant every year. We dressed up in robes and headscarves and carried a baby doll and stuffed sheep down the main aisle of the church. We’d stand on stage while the congregation sang hymns, and our little minds wandered to the hot chocolate and cookies waiting for us in the ...