Prayer Plan // July 2022


One helpful way of thinking about prayer is to think of concentric circles. You know, the circle that’s inside of a circle, which is inside of another one, and so on. If we visualize our prayer life in this way, it can help us to pray for all the people and situations in our different “circles.” For example, your smallest circle would be your home, then your community, and eventually your world. For some of you, there might be other circles you want to add in, such as your job, your church, your extended family, etc. That’s great! This is a flexible method that molds to help you pray for everyone in your life.
“You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” 
— Acts 1:8


Each day we want our church to come together and lift up specific requests to God.

  • For families to take full advantage of the extra time they have this summer to spend with each other and grow together
  • For opportunities to serve your neighbors, and in doing so, share with them the love of Christ.
  • For the families who rely on school provided food in order to fully meet their children’s physical needs.
  • For the over 120,000 children awaiting adoption in our country. For families to step up and welcome them into their family.
  • That God would open the heart of the people in our nation to love each other deeply and well.


As Christians, we should be praying consistently for people; however, that doesn’t mean we should not act as well. In tandem with your prayer this month, do something to help those whom you are praying for!