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To Be, Just Be

“Here’s the bottom line. The Christian life, the church, our faith are not about us, they’re about Him – His plan, His kingdom, His glory.” - Paul Tripp

This is the first line of the new devotional I began on Jan 1, 2022. It knocked me for a loop. I had just been reflecting on this past year and realized that I had been motivated by what I needed to do for God and not on God. I had made my relationship with God about me! It was a painful insight.  

On Sunday, Pastor Bruce shared with us that Jesus values our being more than our doing. Second punch is my spiritual gut. How is it possible to love God yet be so very far from where He wants me to be?  
I have spent my life doing things to make others see my value. My thought processes have been, “Love me for what I do, for it is impossible to love me for who I am.” I again am realizing that this is not what God wants in a relationship with me. Tears blur my eyes as I acknowledge that I still do not get it. I asked Jesus to be my Savior when I was eight years old. You would think by now I would have this life with Christ figured out.

Each of us has circumstances that have impacted our walk with the Lord. At times our relationship goes on auto-pilot. We walk through our lives being overwhelmed. I rely on my 'doing' during these times, hoping that God will love me more. When in reality, I feel so far away from the intimate relationship with God that I am truly longing for.  

How do I go about making the right choice? In Luke 10:42, Mary chose the better way.
“But one thing is necessary. Mary has made the right choice, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Mary chose to sit at Jesus’ feet, to look into His eyes, to listen to His words of truth and wisdom. As I reflect on this picture, that is what I desire in my heart. I want to be the woman who sits at Jesus’ feet and is impacted by His love. For when I am in this deep-seated relationship with my Savior, the doing is an outpouring of my love for Him and not a duty.  
Will you join me as I choose “the better way” – to be, just be.
Author: Barb Barnhart, Preschool Coordinator
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