Gather with family, friends, and neighbors for The Ridge at Home

What to Expect at a Ridge at Home Gathering

Many of you have already been invited to a Ridge at Home gathering by a friend, family member, or neighbor. We encourage you to check it out! After some time to hang out, the service will last about one hour and includes inspirational worship music and a practical, uplifting Bible message from one of our Ridge pastors. It won’t be weird or awkward - we promise! 
Many of you are interested in opening up your home for church - that’s awesome! A lot of people are hosting Ridge at Home gatherings and they are making a real difference in people’s lives. We understand that you might be a little bit nervous about trying something new, but we promise it’s easy and we’re here to help. Just follow these 4 simple steps: Invite, Watch, Discuss, and Pray. 


Invite one or two people or families to your home to watch the service on Sundays or any day of the week.


Watch the service using our app, Facebook, YouTube, or Set up a TV inside or a projector outside to watch together. 



Take the conversation further, and discuss the message for a few minutes or as long as your group wants to!
Wrap up your time by sharing any prayer requests and a closing prayer by the host.

Need help getting started?

If you need our help getting started or after you start, let us know—we'd love to help!
“By attending The Ridge at Home, I have found that I feel a strong sense of community that has encouraged me to grow in my relationship with God alongside my friends and neighbors. It has been really cool to feel like I am a part of a community that is taking ownership of our faith together.”
- Jacob
“Our family looks forward to The Ridge at Home every week. Consistently being with others has helped me, my husband, and son grow even more in our relationship with Christ, and we enjoy the fellowship with our friends who invited us over.”
– Loriann
“When church at home ends I’m already looking forward to seeing our new friends the following week. As someone who is newer to the Ridge, it has been the most welcoming and supportive church environment I’ve been a part of.”
– Rebecca
“Hosting friends and neighbors for church has become my favorite part of the week.”
– Brenton